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Jan 18, 2022
Hosting a meetup
NYC Coders will be starting a new data structures and algorithms cycle today 🎉

We will be hosting 11 sessions this cycle:
- Array Patterns I
- Array Patterns II
- Recursion
- Backtracking
- Linked Lists
- Hash Maps
- Stacks & Queues
- Trees
- Tree Traversal
- Graphs
- Graph Traversal

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Looking for developers
Looking for mobile application developer who can build react native cross platform or flutter app. 
Founder and CEO, SHORTCAST
Started about 9 hours ago
Refactoring a backend
Deploying a Backend System
Designing a Backend System
Wrote serverless functions
Worked with serverless architecture
Wrote an AWS Lambda Function
Used DynamoDB
+ 5
I'm migrating from EC2 and Aurora Postgres to Lambda and DynamoDB. 

Mostly, I'm doing this for to save costs. When my AWS credits run out, this project will be burning about $200 a month simply because Aurora Serverless is neither serverless nor cheap. More importantly to my customers, this change should also address the latency spikes they keep seeing because Aurora Serverless has been goofy since the AWS outage caused by the Let's Encrypt root certificate expiration this past fall.
CEO, Ian Remmel, LLC
Shared an Experience
mentored intern
I got introduced to Django through Django Girls workshop and I am forever grateful for that. After that workshop, I went deep into learning Django, made a few projects and later for two consecutive years, I was selected as a coach for the Django Girls workshop! (hoping the same this year as well)

I would like to point out a few things which came to my notice
  • Students want to learn, they are either just so much shy to ask questions or do not have the motivation
  • The very basics are not taught in school and colleges, for example, version control
  • Most of the students are not aware about competitive programming, hackathons, stuff like that which is more on the tech side
Even if small things like this are taken care, a lot of things can be improved.
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Conteúdo em pt-BR
Refactored a web page
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