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At work, I've volunteered to be a mentor to one of our newer QA folks. It's been a wonderful experience so far, and I don't see an "end" to the mentorship, really. I believe mentorship is a lifelong commitment, even if the form it takes changes over time as careers and lives evolve.
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Mentoring an Owner
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Mentoring someone
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Less is More: Why GROW conversations and personal OKRs are critical for success

When I think back about the past decade and my career growth, I am grateful to the amazing mentors and leaders who believed in me. It was always about the first interaction and conversation that helped me to know that I was in the right place at the right time.
It became crucial for me to focus on key priorities. Two methods helped my team and me to stay focused:
1. GROW (Goal, Reality, Options, What’s Next) Conversation
2. Personal OKRs (Objectives and Key Results)
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Mentor @ ADPList

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Career Success - Jan 19 2022
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Improv jazz
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Evolving Portals: "Jawn'adelphia" (Runtime: 113 minutes)

Loads up old Ableton Live session. "Delayed in Philly"
Powers on SP404.
Presses record.
Lets begin.


  1.  Delayed In Philly (2015) 01:30 | | 
  2.  It's not always sunny B. 04:59 |  | 
  3.  "It's always cloudy in..." - ACT I (Portals) 12:56 | info | buy
  4.  Jawn'adelphia 02:54 | info | buy track
  5.  "It's not always cloudy in…" - ACT II (Portals) 09:32 video |  | 
  6.  Night Man Cometh (Portals) 16:37 |  | 
  7.  Closed for the holidays. (Portals) 08:05 |  | 
  8.  Bah Hum Jawn 01:15 |  | 
  9.  "It's not always cloudy in Jawnadelphia" - ACT II [Loudness War] 08:00 video | 
  10.  It's not always sunny B. (Extended Clip) 10:31 |  | 

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        In 2015, My Flight from NY to TPA had an extended layover in the Philadelphia International Airport. I planned up meeting up with my friends Cuuurls, but she was working during my Layover. So to kill time, I paid the fee to access wifi, and downloaded the theme song to "It's always sunny in Philadelphia".   Quickly laid some simple drums, then chopped the sample, exported and dropped on soundcloud before my connecting flight arrived.

       I planned on revisiting the session to actually put time into it, but i forgot about it for years. Then, While putting final touches on the USB's last week (12.21.21) to finalize and ship everyone's cassette orders after the new year, i stumbled upon the session, I meant to just bounce out a higher quality version. But as always, i got distracted and opened a Portal. Then another one, then another one, then another one.

          I feel like I have to disclaimer this every time but, Portals are the real time process of creating in the moment. All chops, instruments, mixing and mastering is happening in real time as you hear it. I'm aware, I could easily isolate the strongest parts and just refine and release those, but Portals are special. The patient listener that hears me fall off, experiment and get weird is usually rewarded for trusting me, at the same time, you get to hear how I purposely mess things up, just to solve a problem in real time out of boredom. I think it's important to keep the mistakes and not so good parts, that way everyone can see you can recover and evolve anything. Portals are not beats. They are not Final, They will constantly evolve, and all those super dope, short gems you find in the middle of chaos will eventually become finalized tracks one day.

             Separating and naming Portals is beyond challenging.
Also presenting them is challenging, cus i know it's prob in my best interest to put the strongest stuff first, but keeping them mostly in the order of real time creation just makes more sense when you take the full journey.

Now FREE to stream / Download on Bandcamp.
Owner / Creative Director, PeacePeaceGawd LLC
Mentored a startup
Just finished 2 days of mentor madness with a promising fintech startup working in trading